Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Essex

Experiencing hair loss? Alopecia? Suffering with a thinning crown or receding hairline?

Using Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), the #1 hair loss treatment, Taylor’s Hairdressing has got you covered.

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

SMP is the ultimate hair loss solution for men and women. Transforming hair loss in just a few sessions – SMP is a safe and effective treatment.

Who is Scalp Micro Pigmentation for?

SMP is for anyone affected by hair loss. The treatment is suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, and can be applied to any skin colour. It provides relief from male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, thinning hair, or scalp scarring from surgery or an accident.

How is the treatment carried out?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is carried out using a micro needle which deposits pigments just below the surface of the skin, using a medical tattoo machine.

Benefits of SMP

  • Safe, fast and effective
  • Significantly reduces the ageing effect of hair loss
  • Improves self image and confidence
  • Restores the natural hairline shape and contour
  • Non-surgical and affordable
  • Guaranteed for peace of mind

We are so excited to share these incredible Scalp Micro Pigmentation results on Judith! 

SMP will make your hair look thicker, denser and is suitable for both ladies and gents. These results have been achieved with 3 sessions of treatment. Your service is performed in a private, relaxing room.
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Achieve amazing results and get your confidence back!

What do I need to do next?

Before any treatment, it is important to have a consultation which is completely free at Taylors Hairdressing salon in Rayleigh,  Essex. During the consultation our experts will help answer any questions you may have. We will also assess your skin, suitability and discuss your individual needs to provide you with a more personal and detailed treatment programme. Consultations are also available by phone or video call or WhatsApp.

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Our SMP team

Matt Waters is our head Scalp Micro Pigmentation technician and his work combines over 20 years in the hair industry. After 8 years as a stylist, his career expanded into working extensively with men’s and women’s hair loss, including designing and customising wigs and hairpieces. This where he found his love for Scalp Micro Pigmentation and what makes his knowledge and experience with hairlines, face-shapes, and suitability of treatments absolutely exceptional. He is passionate about wanting to restore people’s wellbeing from the detrimental effects of hair loss, and is always happy to help.

Treatment guarantee

We like to think our work speaks for itself, but it’s more important you feel happy with the result. That’s why upon finishing your treatment, we schedule a follow up appointment for 6 months time. Furthermore all our treatments are personally guaranteed for 12 months. 

Price guarantee

Prices for SMP vary between £500-£3000 depending on the amount of work required. Due to this variable price range it’s common for many clinics to overcharge on quotes, and as a result clients shop around providers to get the best price. However price doesn’t always reflect value. That’s why at Taylor’s we guarantee to beat any quote you have had for SMP treatment, to ensure you are getting the best value for money.


Frequently Asked Questions about Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Although Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a permanent treatment, the results will fade over a period of time (usually 3 – 5 years) and a top up will be required.

The treatment is incredible at blending hair loss, and looks very realistic. When kept short, most people wouldn’t be able to tell what is hair and what is not.

Yes absolutely! Your hairline is completely up to you. When attending your consultation it is helpful to bring along some ideas of hairlines you like and we will match it for you.

No, you will not require time off work. However, you may want to rest for a few hours after treatment should there be any redness, but this will normally settle within a few hours.

The vast majority of clients typically need just three sessions, however it does depend on how well the skin retains the pigment and how well you follow the aftercare guidance.

We recommend using either a electric foil shaver (best) or clippers to achieve the close cut. Always remember, the shorter the hair, the better.

A classic tattoo uses a different application, from the equipment and needles, to the ink. SMP uses ink that contains pigment which has been specifically developed for treatment on the scalp and uses a tiny micro needle (0.20mm) that deposits just below the skin surface.

This depends on the individual. Some people can experience mild discomfort in certain areas, however most people do actually find it quite relaxing and some find it relaxing enough to actually sleep while the treatment is in progress!

Yes you can, the treatment does not affect your sleep.

You can wash your hair with shampoo 4-5 days after treatment. It is advisable to use a sensitive or un-fragranced shampoo.

For a density fill on longer hair, it is not necessary to shave or cut your hair.

For a hairline treatment it is ideal to come for a first session with your hair buzz cut to 0.5mm in length.

This is a service that can be provided to you at Taylor’s.

The best way to maximise your Scalp Micro Pigmentation looking good is to moisturise daily. Limiting sun exposure is also key to looking after the treatment. We recommend wearing a hat in the sun to avoid fade and using SPF 50 sun cream when not wearing a hat.

For the optimum result, your scalp needs to be in the best possible condition. This means in the run up to your treatment it is advisable to moisturise daily to hydrate the skin. If you suffer from dry skin then you can also exfoliate gently before moisturising to improve the skin condition.

It is advisable to stop wearing a hair system at least a week prior to treatment to allow the skin to breathe and toughen up as you want the skin condition to be at its best for a more successful end result.

Yes you can wear a hat straight after treatment providing it is clean to avoid the risk of infection. You will want to remove it when you can to allow the skin to breathe.

We don’t recommend the use of any numbing creams on the scalp prior to or during the Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure, as this can affect the retention of the pigment and affect the end result.

It is advisable to avoid the use of sun beds for 28 days post-treatment completion as the pigment will still be settling, and the scalp will be extra sensitive to UV rays.

It is advisable to avoid the use of chlorinated pools and hot tubs for 28 days after treatment due to the high levels of chlorine which can affect the colour of the pigment.

As dry healing is utilised for Scalp Micro Pigmentation, you may find a few days after treatment that the scalp may become a little dry or itchy. This is normal and a part of the healing process. You can use a clean damp cloth and gently place it on the treatment area to help ease this.

Yes SMP can be used with all hair colours. The pigment used will be diluted dependent on hair and skin colour.

Treatment times vary dependant upon the size of the area being treated, the complexity of the treatment and the skill and speed of the practitioner. On average, a session time will be between 2 and 4 hours.

It takes approximately 4 weeks after the final session for the treatment to fully heal, but this will vary from person to person.

If you have a treatment performed by a skilled practitioner, you will not be able to notice the difference between your hair follicles and your SMP. The blend should be seamless.

Whilst not essential, it is always advisable to eat prior to an Scalp Micro Pigmentation session. As your body will turn to its sugar reserves during the session, it is important to have eaten prior to the session so that they are topped up. If you are running low on sugars, you increase the possibility of feeling light headed during the session.

Over the duration of the treatment people will often notice a subtle difference in your appearance, but they will be unsure what. The idea of SMP is to create a natural look, replacing or redefining the hair line/hair follicles that are no longer there. How much people notice will be down to how subtle or how defined you choose your treatment to be.

It is important to avoid any heavy exercise that is going to cause excessive sweating for 5-7 days after each SMP session because the salt in the sweat can breakdown and disrupt the pigment in the scalp which could result in poor retention and end result.

SMP is an ideal solution for scar coverage, however it is important that the scar is fully healed before treatment is carried out. Depending on the scar this is usually a minimum of 9 months as scar tissue is more complex compared to normal skin on the scalp. It is important to make sure your practitioner has the right level of skill for effective scar coverage.