Hair Colour

Our range of hair colour services
Our teamwork with Loreal colours(Majirel ). These colours have an amazin variety  to choose from and provide fantastic shine and hold. We cover all your colour needs from a root touch up’s ,Hi-Lights or full colour correction, its amazin what the right colour can look like on your hair. Consultations are free if you would like to come in and discus ideas.
True colour stands for maximum intensity, very clear and sharp tone directions. It means up to 100% perfect white hair coverage even on thick and resistant hair. Stunning performance and 100% reliability characterise true colour, even under challenging conditions. Loreal covers up to 100% white hair, delivers ultimate colour retention and represents intense colour vibrancy. Loreal equalises the colour evenly even on porous hair. Clearest lifting shades and advanced care for maximised contrast and shine.
Full head £74.00 with toner £79.00
Half head £52.00 with toner £57.00
Parting £39.00 with toner £44.00
Tint and lights parting £77.00 with toner £82.00
Full head tint £42.00
Roots £32.00
Semi/quasi £30.00
Semi/quasi £30.00
Gloss £15.00
Black to Brown* from £90.00
Brown to Blonde* from £90.00
Pre lifting £20.00
Additional colours £5.00

*Strand test required